Private Vehicle Insurance

For all your private vehicle needs, give Hints Insurance Services Ltd (Hintsure) a call. We have access to a number of policies which can all be tailored to meet your personal requirements.

Features that may be covered:

  • Loss, theft, or damage to your vehicle
  • New vehicle replacement
  • Audio equipment in your vehicle
  • Glass in your vehicle’s windscreen, windows and sunroof
  • Accident transport/vehicle recovery
  • Medical expenses
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Personal belongings kept in your vehicle
  • Replacement locks for your vehicle
  • Named driver discount
  • Driving other car benefit
  • Child seat cover
  • Tool cover
  • Uninsured driver promise
  • Injury to you or your partner
  • Additional optional covers:
    • Breakdown cover options
    • Protected no claim discount
    • Motor legal
    • Courtesy car
    • Replacement van
    • Foreign use cover
    • Physiotherapy cover
    • Personal accident

Have more than one vehicle? Why not insure them both in the same place under the same policy?! Multi-car insurance removes the hassle of having to remember when which vehicle is due for renewal on which date, and minimises the paperwork for you, whilst providing you  with an overall cheaper premium.

What Multi-Car has to offer:

  • You can choose different levels of cover and excess, for each vehicle
  • You can cover cars and vans on the same policy
  • Each vehicle’s no claim discount is kept separately. So if one vehicle has an accident, the other vehicle’s NCD isn’t affected.
  • Add/remove/replace vehicles as and when suits you
  • Have a range of different named drivers for different vehicles all under one policy